Shipping within EU - Read more about our safe shipping here


Q: What countries do you ship to? And where are you shipping from?  
A: We ship from Sweden. We only ship to countries of the European Union at the moment but we aim to ship worldwide eventually so hopefully your country will be added to our shipping destinations in the near future. 

Q: Do you have a plant passport? 
A: Yes, we do and include in all packages. 

Q: Do you ship with heatpack? 
A: If we judge it necessary we will include a heatpack in the package.  

Q: Do you ship a certain day? 
A: We pack and ship all orders on Mondays and Tuesdays to avoid unnecessarily long transit times.

Q: Is it possible to pre-order? 
A: It is not possible to pre-order anything from our shop at this time. 

Q: What is you return policy? 
A: According to the law, the customer does not have the right to withdraw from goods that can quickly deteriorate or become old, or that after delivery are planted.

Your right of withdrawal therefore does not apply to green plants, flowering plants, cuttings and other products that can be damaged by being handled several times.

If you are unhappy with your order we kindly ask that you contact us at and provide images of the plant immediately after delivery.

Once we have received the information, we make an assessment of the complaint. If your complaint is approved, you have the right to return the product and we will either deliver a similar product or refund you for the defective product. The money will be refunded within about 3-5 banking days after we have received and handled your return.

Q: Will the plant be shipped with or without soil? 
A: The plant will be shipped without soil and the roots will be cleaned. We will wrap the roots with sphagnum moss