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When you receive your plant

One of our main values ​​is to preserve nature. That is why we have chosen materials that are easy to recycle. Please, make sure to throw away all material for recycling when you have received your plant. 

  • Gently open the package and remove the plastic and sphagnum moss around the roots.  
  • Carefully rinse under lukewarm water to get all the sphagnum moss of the roots 
  • Put the plant with the roots down in a glass/jar and fill the glass with lukewarm/medium temperature water so it only covers the roots. Do not add any fertilizer to the water.
  • Put the glass in a spot with non-direct sunlight or under a grow light (lightened 12-14 hours/day)The temperature should preferably be between 18-25 degrees celsiusDo not put the glass on heat mat. 
  • Leave the plant in the glass for about 6 hours and after that it is ready to be planted! 


  • Put the plant in a clean pot with drainage holes in the bottom with a good aroid mix. We recommend to have approximately 50% draining material such as perlite or bark. (Our aroid mix consists of 30% plant soil, 30% perlite, 20% bark, 10% coco fiber and 10% loaded charcoal.) 
  • Water the soil only with water the first week and then after one week you can use nutrition as recommended on the bottle.  
  • Put your plant in a spot with non-direct sunlight or under a grow light that is lightened 9-12 hours per day.  
  • Now you can enjoy watching your beautiful plant grow. 

General care advice

  • Humidity: 60-80%
  • Temperature: 20-25 °C
  • Sunlight: In-direct sunlight (summer time) or grow light. 
  • Soil: A good aroid mix